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How To Search the LATIMER Library Catalog & Request Books, Step-by-Step Directions

Currently available for 3rd through 8th grade

Click on this link:  Library.  

Click on Latimer to access and search the catalog of books in your Latimer library.

Choose the Catalog tab at the top of the page.

If you have a specific book you’d like to read, in the “Find” box type the title of the book, press the enter key or title to see results.

If you want to see what’s available on a subject, type the subject in the “Find” box - remember, spelling counts, press the enter key or keyword to see results.

To determine if an item is available for checkout, look to the far right of the title.  If it says 1 of 1 available, then it is available for checkout.  If it says 0 of 1, it is not available.  Also, keep in mind that multiple students may request the same item, so it is best to list a 1st and 2nd choice when completing the book request below.

To request a library book, email Mrs. Mapes with the title and author .

Your book will be due 2 weeks from the checkout date.  The due date will be included with your book upon pickup.


Please call or email Mrs. Mapes if you have ANY questions.

 As always, happy reading!

[email protected]