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Winter Boutique - December 15th

Latimer Winter Boutique Sign Up

Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021

Latimer is proud to introduce a great event for all our students

for the 6th year!   The Winter Boutique!

This event is an opportunity for students to earn money by selling their

OWN HOMEMADE crafts and goods


  1. Please don't bring ready made/ready to sell store bought items.
  2. The student makes most - if not all - of the finished product.  Parents can assist, but this is not a boutique for parents to sell their own crafts.
  3. Items are typically priced between $0.25 and $8.00. Students keep all the money they earn!
  4. Students must provide proper change as needed.
  5. Following the Wellness Policy, FOOD ITEMS CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE SOLD or distributed at the Winter Boutique.
  6. Space is limited so we recommend reserving your booth space now.

Any student who wants to participate should get started now!

Please fill out the reservation slip online or return it to your child's teacher no later than Wednesday, December 1st (first come, first served). You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation! Your student MUST be registered and will receive an Exhibitor's Badge in order to sell his/her crafts and goods.

Our boutique will be held Wednesday, Dec. 15th  - set up at 11:45 and open during lunch and after school (12:00 - 1:30)   Specific details will be provided with the confirmation of your reservation.

Family and friends (proof of vaccination) are invited to come after school and shop at the Boutique to support our enterprising Latimer Students! Masks must be worn at all times when visiting the boutique.

Questions? Contact Darlene Sales [email protected] 415-378-3221

Please register online at Latimer Winter Boutique 2021 or click

or return this bottom portion to your teacher by December 4th (first come, first serve)